Construction Management

‘Building construction industry can be large and unclear. There are many participants and parties. How do we know who can manage our construction project the best?’

You probably only build a large office once in your life time. Your dream house ditto. Therefore your project has to be managed from A to Z. You cannot just do it again if the result is disappointing. So it is all the more important to think about the right partners during the preliminary phase.

Our distinctive qualities

BBD Bouwmanagement supplies building professionals who can guide you in the total building process. Within that total process we work according to a number of important values. They are values that you can address to us. It is our guarantee towards you.

Value 1: Expert
It is indisputable that every employee is selected on the basis of professionalism. Not only does everyone have the right diplomas, in which HBO is minimal, but we also continue to provide continuous training. We follow new construction techniques, changes in legislation and regulations and developments in the market. We do this for you as a customer, but also for ourselves. Simply because we have a passion for our profession. Thanks to this continuous training, we are able to provide you with good advice about the possibilities within your project.

Value 2: Cost effective
Do you have a view of the total foundation costs of your construction project? And have you thought of everything, including the maintenance costs per year? We are happy to help you put together the brochure: what options are there, which materials are suitable and which building volume fits best with your budget? With this brochure you can go to an architect or contractor. We know which party fits the project, how the financial positions of the various parties are and what they distinguish themselves from.

Value 3: Excellent communication
Good communication is a different kind of profession. With BBD Bouwmanagement, good communication means:
• One point of contact
• clear agreements
• a clear organizational structure

We keep you informed of the (construction) claims and the compliance or non-compliance with agreements by the various parties. In addition, we are your point of contact if you have any comments on the construction process. This prevents you from having to make agreements with too many parties and that the process remains clear for everyone who cooperates with your project.

What can BBD Bouwmanagement mean for you?

Construction management, or construction supervision, is a broad concept. It means that we can advise you during the entire building process. When you want to renovate or build a new project, we help you to visualize your wishes. What requirements must your project meet? What budget do you have available? We record the answers in a Schedule of Requirements. We then advise you on the right construction partners and guide the actual implementation. We ensure that it is built as previously specified. This allows you to focus on your own work and ensure an optimal building result.

Phases within the construction process
You can enable BBD Bouwmanagement during the various phases of the construction process. Every project, no matter how big or small, goes through these steps:
• Initiative phase
• Design phase
• Preparation phase
• Realization phase
• Aftercare

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